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Senior Learning Advisor
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

After careful consideration we chose “iCan Use” to provide us with selected courses from their range of leading edge blended language learning solutions. We were attracted not only by their professionalism, work ethic,flexibility and product knowledge, but also by the genuine enthusiasm they showed in helping us to choose the optimum solutions for our staffs differing needs. Our choice has proved 100% correct as “iCan Use” always puts the Customer first and their focused after sales support and attention to detail has exceeded our expectations. Today we view “iCan Use” as a genuine trusted Business partner as they continue to help us to achieve our ongoing Corporate Goal of providing our employees with the best available blended language learning solutions.

Learning Academy Manager
Cable & Wireless Communications

We are genuinely impressed with the blended language learning courseware recommended by “iCan Use”. These cost effective courses have really motivated our staff as they create an inviting, engaging and also a fun learning environment. This has helped our Academy to raise language learning standards and also encouraged the Company-wide uptake of language learning. The excellent service provided by “iCan Use” has been both flexible and professional at all times. We really value this business relationship.


HR Manager

Our decision to choose “iCan Use” to fulfil our growing need for Global language learning is making a positive difference to our staffs written and spoken languages. The level of service that we are receiving has really encouraged our staff (who are located in many different Countries) to improve their language skills. We can now ensure that our learners are always on-track. “iCan Use” are not simply a supplier but a true business partner who continually provide a first class level of service. Our language training program is recognised as one of the most innovative training resources available within DENTSPLY.

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