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Companies can find hidden talent, reduce their recruitment and training costs, and provide a motivator at a surprisingly affordable cost. Employees are already doing it! They’re simply waiting for the company to catch up. For them, TagUp will make their talents visible and provide feedback in real-time.

Many organisations have great difficulty finding and retaining their own people because

  1.  HR systems are too complicated.

  2. Colleagues know each other’s talents better than HR or the boss.

  3. Managers don’t provide enough regular, meaningful recognition.

  4. Lack of engagement is the #1 reason cited for leaving a job

  5. 80% of current workers are unhappy in their jobs

While several tools exist to identify new employees and skillsets outside an organisation, there is a requirement for a tool to locate and recognize the talent already employed inside organisations.

These are precisely the areas that TagUp addresses, providing a unique tool that allows peers to tag each other’s hidden talents and also give recognition!

60% of organizations want to increase their use of manager self-service tools in the future.

Low employee engagement is estimated to cost the economy hundreds of billions of pounds every year.

Companies lose thousands of pounds per disengaged employee per year.

Facebook has 1.15 billion users
LinkedIn has 300 million users with 1 billion endorsements
Instagram has 150 million users
Pinterest has 20 million users

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month.

With TagUp employees can decide and agree:

  • Which skills to tag

  • When to tag

  • Their Tagging strengths

  • Their Tagging reputation

  • To provide social feedback

Everyone can decide “Who Has Talent?” and it is so easy to use.

In addition to skills, TagUp also captures: relationships, situations, roles and Behaviours. There are instant feedback features, and internal talent searches can be easily performed by anyone within the organisation, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

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