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Com­pa­nies can find hid­den tal­ent, reduce their recruit­ment and train­ing costs, and pro­vide a moti­va­tor at a sur­pris­ing­ly afford­able cost. Employ­ees are already doing it! They’re sim­ply wait­ing for the com­pa­ny to catch up. For them, TagUp will make their tal­ents vis­i­ble and pro­vide feed­back in real-time.

Many organ­i­sa­tions have great dif­fi­cul­ty find­ing and retain­ing their own peo­ple because

  1.  HR systems are too complicated.

  2. Colleagues know each other’s talents better than HR or the boss.

  3. Managers don’t provide enough regular, meaningful recognition.

  4. Lack of engagement is the #1 reason cited for leaving a job

  5. 80% of current workers are unhappy in their jobs

While sev­er­al tools exist to iden­ti­fy new employ­ees and skillsets out­side an organ­i­sa­tion, there is a require­ment for a tool to locate and rec­og­nize the tal­ent already employed inside organ­i­sa­tions.

These are pre­cise­ly the areas that TagUp address­es, pro­vid­ing a unique tool that allows peers to tag each other’s hid­den tal­ents and also give recog­ni­tion!

60% of orga­ni­za­tions want to increase their use of man­ag­er self-ser­vice tools in the future.

Low employ­ee engage­ment is esti­mat­ed to cost the econ­o­my hun­dreds of bil­lions of pounds every year.

Com­pa­nies lose thou­sands of pounds per dis­en­gaged employ­ee per year.

Face­book has 1.15 bil­lion users
LinkedIn has 300 mil­lion users with 1 bil­lion endorse­ments
Insta­gram has 150 mil­lion users
Pin­ter­est has 20 mil­lion users

More than 1 bil­lion unique users vis­it YouTube each month.

With TagUp employ­ees can decide and agree:

  • Which skills to tag

  • When to tag

  • Their Tagging strengths

  • Their Tagging reputation

  • To provide social feedback

Every­one can decide “Who Has Tal­ent?” and it is so easy to use.

In addi­tion to skills, TagUp also cap­tures: rela­tion­ships, sit­u­a­tions, roles and Behav­iours. There are instant feed­back fea­tures, and inter­nal tal­ent search­es can be eas­i­ly per­formed by any­one with­in the organ­i­sa­tion, any­where, any­time and on any device.

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We encourage a flexible approach to training, providing a smarter way to learn

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