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The comprehensive Know How range of Microsoft Office eLearning software contains realistic simulations of the appropriate Office applications with programs designed for both basic and more advanced users. Pre-assessment tests are used to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness after which user specific recommended learning paths are provided. Clear and concise tutorials are part of every package together with context sensitive help and mouse-over effects on screen objects making all the courses easy to navigate and follow. An alphabetical index, advanced search functions and an integrated FAQ section are also provided. Favourites can be bookmarked. The practical exercises contain multi-level feedback for candidates to practice their newly learned skills. The lessons contain both an introduction at the beginning and a summary at the end. Chapter testing with automated learning recommendations and a final test are all part of the courseware. All the lessons can be printed out, and a certificate is produced after each course has been completed. The courses can be accessed through the Internet either as a SCORM 1.2 package or locally on a web server.

Programs are available for the following Microsoft Office applications; Excel advanced, Excel basic, PowerPoint, Word advanced, Word basic, Outlook and upgrading to the latest version of Office and Windows.

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